Sunday, August 20, 2006

The 10 Steps of Referral Prospecting

Ask for specific referrals to narrow the customer's focus.
Gather as much information about the referral as possible.
Ask your customer for permission to use his or her name.
Ask your customer for help in obtaining an appointment with the referral.
Contact the referral as soon as possible.
Inform your customer about the outcome of the contact.
Build referral alliances (this can be through sources such as tip clubs, centres of influence, key people in the industry).
Prospect for referrals just like you prospect for sales leads.
Rank your referrals as you do your customers:
A for hot (you know a lot about the referral and the referrer introduces you)
B for warm (you know little about the referral and you can use the referrer's name).
C for cold (you know nothing about the referral, and you can't use the referrer's name).
Seek internal referrals (other departments, locations, divisions, branches and subsidiaries).

Frank Furness CSP CFP is a professional speaker and trainer specialising in sales and sales management. He has educated, entertained and inspired audiences in 42 countries. Based in London, Frank is the President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and the current chair of the International PEG.
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